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Death Makes Life Possible 4-Part Online Course Series – March 2016


Transforming the Fear of Death Into An Inspiration for Living

With Dr. Marilyn Schlitz

4 Wednesdays in March – March 9, 16, 23, 30 at 12pm (Pacific Time)

Price: $135

Course Highlights

  • Explore your own worldview on death and the afterlife
  • Examine your own belief systems, concerns and fears around death
  • Engage in meaningful practices that promote well-being

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

Death Makes Life Possible
Transforming the Fear of Death Into An Inspiration for Living

What is your belief system about death and the afterlife? How do your answers impact how you live your life? How do our views of death impact our global community?

This timely course explores these provocative questions and others as we explore ways in which humans have always been fascinated by the possibility of a “larger reality” that lies beyond death. Throughout history and in every culture, people have created models and practices for understanding death and what may happen next. In this 4-Part Series, students will: examine the factors that cause us to fear death, discuss diverse cultural and religious worldviews about death and the afterlife, evaluate what science can tell us about consciousness and the survival of bodily death, and develop tools for communicating with others about death in order to help shift the social table into deep and meaningful understandings. The cost of this 4-part program is $135.

Each session is a 1-hour online class meeting.

Part 1: Cycle of Life & Consciousness

Part 2: Diverse Worldviews of the Afterlife

Part 3: Gifts of LIfe & Death

Part 4: Grief & Transformation

Each class includes lecture with slides (PPT), 2 short videos that are topic based to the program day, group discussion, reflection and take home journaling work.

The course includes additional materials made available to you:

– a free downloadable/digital copy of the full documentary film Death Makes Life Possible for personal viewing (.mov/.wav)

– a free downloadable/digital copy of the course workbook (PDF)

– free downloadable/digital copy of selected readings from the companion book Death Makes Life Possible (PDF)

Additional Recommended Materials:

– the companion book Death Makes Life Possible available at www.deathmakeslifepossible.com

This course is ideal for caregivers, care-receivers, families and individuals of midlife and elder age groups. This course offers the opportunity to engage in and transform how we as individuals relate to the experience of death and the afterlife. Caregivers and individuals with families in transition can learn how to explore and become more comfortable with language and discussions surrounding death, learn tools for engaging in meaningful dialogue and offering deeper support around this subject. For individuals, this is an opportunity to explore death and the afterlife in a larger context and examine their own belief systems, concerns and fears around death and the afterlife, and transform those fears into inspired living.