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Marilyn Schlitz, PhDAuthor/producer Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, is a dynamic and experienced public speaker, teacher, and trainer. She combines culture, science, and spirituality in an original, engaging and compelling style. She has a rare gift to translate complex ideas into a form that is easily accessible.

Marilyn has lectured on a variety of subjects —  Transformation, Consciousness, Healing, Mind- Body intervention, Death & Dying — in many venues, including the United Nations, the Smithsonian Institute, the Commonwealth Club, and the Rotary Club.

Marilyn  welcomes the opportunity to speak in both public and private settings, or to host workshops, courses, and trainings.  View Marilyn’s recent and past engagements.

To invite Marilyn to appear at your event or organization, please contact Margaret Poindexter at


Join Marilyn for an online course that guides us through an innovative transformational learning program. Together we will examine our own worldviews about death, gain practical tools for having conversations with loved ones, and share our own insights with others in this transformative learning community. MORE DETAILS HERE