huffpo-logoA recent online article in the Huffington Post named the Death Makes Life Possible film in step 5 of its 5 Action Steps to Improve End-of-Life Care in Your Community.

Under action step 5, “Host a Film Screening and Discussion,” author Karen Wyatt, MD encourages readers to  feature a film at a local screening and to facilitate transformative dialogue among the audience after watching the movie.

Dr. Wyatt recognizes the potential of Death Makes Life Possible to catalyze shifts in the way we think, act, and talk about death. Indeed, throughout the United States, many community organized viewings of Death Makes Life Possible have already been initiated. For example, a gathering in Chicago met recently and shared with us this artful summary of their meeting.

If you are inspired join in this movement by bringing the film to your community, please visit this link at the Specialty Studies web site for more information. You can also click here to peruse free supplemental materials which you may find useful when screening the film.

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