healing handsWelcome to Part 2 of this blog series that explores the many cultural and religious perspectives on healing. Using video excerpts from two DVDs, Consciousness & Healing, and Compassionate Intention, Prayer, and Distant Healing, this series illuminates the diversity of perspectives and the common threads that unite the many distinct approaches to healing.

In the video excerpt above we hear from two unique healing worldviews — Sufi and Johrei. Arife Hammerle, a pyschotherapist and Sufi teacher, describes how the process of meditation and prayer aligns the healer to the purity of the divine and enables him or her to transfer that healing essence to those who need healing. Yoshiaki Kato, a Johrei practitioner from Japan, demonstrates how he moves through the process of healing, from attention to God, to projecting intention, embracing non-attachment, and healing from a place of joy and gratitude.


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