by Marilyn Schlitz

TransformingAging2015-graphic-FacebookAging is part of the cycle of life – which contains many blessings. And yet our youth-obsessed society not only attempts to resist this natural process, it also fails to provide any kind of viable model for helping people see all the potential they have in their later years.

As a result, you may find yourself underprepared when you age… without a meaningful vision of how to make the most of what can be a very beautiful, joyful and purpose-filled stage of life.

These common challenges are why I want to invite you to The Shift Network’s very special, free online event – The Transforming Aging Summit – taking place March 3-5. I’m honored to be among 22 top conscious aging experts – including people like Gabriel Cousens, John Robbins, Jan Hively, Marc Freedman, Richard Leider and others – who will empower you to make your later years your “greater years.”

I will be speaking about a new campaign to redefine death and transform fear of death into an inspiration for living and dying well. I will share about the film and book, Death Makes Life Possible, as well as a new series of training programs developed from this material for those at the end of life and their caregivers.

This campaign and this Summit event contribute to a new multidimensional view of aging – one of vast potential – that’s infused with vitality, passion and purpose… as well as continual growth and service to the world.

By joining us for the event, you’ll learn that aging well is about so much more than improving your physical health, mental acuity and longevity (but you’ll gain invaluable knowledge on this, too). Elevating your spiritual and emotional well-being according to the stage of life you’re experiencing is essential.

Whether you’re a Baby Boomer, an elder or someone who works with older people, The Transforming Aging Summit is designed for anyone looking to be empowered around the aging process.

If you’re excited by the idea of expanding what’s possible as you grow into the later chapters of life, you can sign up for free below.

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